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I like to call myself a “life/style photographer”. Photography is, by definition, a record of light. I also like to look at it as a record of Life. So, I photograph the things that make up a person’s or family’s life, like their babies, children, partners, pets and even their favourite “toys” (yes, that could include your husband’s new V8 ute!). I love to stylise the pretty things that create an atmosphere or represent a person, such as flower arrangements, your favourite room, your birthday cake, or your party table with its fine china…or the great outdoors that we are privileged to enjoy.

I invite you to browse my portfolio on my website. I have divided my portraits into six galleries, each featuring a different facet of Life.

“Life is…adorable” is for portraits of children – let’s face it: they are adorable!

“Life is…family and friends” contains portraits of individuals, couples, siblings, friends and families. (They’re adorable, too!)

“Life is…cuddly” features our furry friends in all their fluffy, big-eyed, grinning glory!

“Life is…for celebrating” shows some events I have covered: birthdays, anniversaries, sports milestones.

“Life is…for learning” is a collection of photos from playgroups and preschools.

Finally, “Life is…beautiful” depicts some of the finer things in life – the beautiful things, both man-made and natural.

We take photos so we can relive a particular event or moment in life. What memories that photo will bring back in five, ten or fifty years’ time is directly connected to the feelings and atmosphere that was felt at the time, who was there, and how that memory was captured in that split second.

But portraiture goes a step beyond mere snapshots. It is focussing (excuse the pun) on someone or something special – making them special. It is intentional, without looking like it is! It tells a story, or creates at whimsical sense of interest: “What are they laughing at?” or “What is she thinking?” My aim is to make a portrait session enjoyable, fun and memorable, so that each time you look at that photo, you will smile at the memory of a happy experience.

Everyone says, “Kids grow up so fast!” We can only remember a limited amount of their cuteness. Portraits are invaluable records of those cute little dimpled cheeks, chubby hands and cute fashions that only look that good on a two-year-old! Regular portraits capture those features and milestones to relive year after year.

I hope you enjoy my little piece of creativity. It certainly brings me much joy as I join you on this journey.

I look forward to watching your families grow over the years as I am given the privilege of taking your family portraits.

Thanks for visiting.


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