Teen Fashion at Rouse Hill Town Centre

Hills Alive Magazine - July 2012As a self-confessed photography gear-head I was in heaven last week when an opportunity arose to spend my last day of vacation assisting my wife Michelle with lighting on a teen fashion shoot for Hills Alive Magazine.

It is not often that so many things work without a hitch (thanks to Kerrin from Hills Alive Magazine for bringing all the elements together). We had access to the best location – the Main Square and nearby shops and cafes at Rouse Hill Town Centre, an unlimited wardrobe of clothing from a range of great fashion shops, and six lovely volunteer teen models who worked so well with Michelle to deliver a professional result.

The hardest part was trying to narrow down several hundred beautiful photos to a small set for publication, there were so many good ones!

Technical notes: The portable lighting setup for this shoot consisted of a single off-camera Canon 580EXII speedlight mounted within a handheld Kacey beauty dish on a lightweight stand. The speedlight was triggered in TTL mode via a Phottix Odin for Canon TTL radio trigger system. This provided a very portable lighting setup that worked well in varying conditions ranging from inside cramped dimly lit cafes to the strong midday sunlight in the main square. A nice feature of the Phottix Odin system is that it supports High speed Synch (HSS) which allows you to light the subject while using a high speed shutter to underexpose the bright background.

Rouse Hill Teen Fashion - Adoria Photography


You can read the full July edition online at the Hills Alive Magazine website.

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Steve (husband of photographer Michelle Gibbons)

Adoria Photography

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